Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies


The global energy scene raises unprecedented challenges: increasing demand, rarefaction of conventional energy sources, greenhouse gas emissions… Among these new challenges of the energy transition, exploiting new resources such as Renewable Energies represents not only a challenge but also an opportunity for all renewable energy players.


Our Expertise

MPrime has developed a significant level of expertise in renewable energies to meet the requirements of the strong growth in the various segments of this sector:

  • wind
  • marine energies
  • solar thermal or photovoltaic
  • biomass or new-generation bio-fuels

MPrime’s services follow renewable projects through their various stages, from the initial feasibility study to commissioning:

  • technology assessment, innovation and R&D investment management
  • planning / development : feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, financing, permitting requests, responding to EOIs or calls for tender
  • studies and technical specifications: preliminary design, detailed design, contracting, supplier qualification process
  • project management : purchasing / manufacturing, construction / installation/ commissioning
  • operation and maintenance optimization : especially offshore maintenance


MPrime’s added value

MPrime has built a unique and recognized expertise in the evaluation of renewable energy technologies:

  • by developing methods for cost projections at early stages both for technologies and projects
  • by applying these methods to a very wide range of technologies at different stages of maturity

As well, MPrime has a leading expertise in the field of marine energies, giving the possibility to carry out projects that exceed customers expectations. 

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