Why MPrime

Why MPrime


Skills and Ambition

Our managers have significant experience, gained mainly through contact with large groups, offering an indisputable level of expertise and reputation in the areas of nuclear and new renewable energies.

Seconded by young, creative and enthusiastic consultants, with whom they spend significant training time, they are known for their ability to lead and deliver strategic projects.

Reactivité & Proximité

Reactive and Proximity

Our consultants can be rapidly mobilized, qualified and organised in a team tailored to meet your precise needs.

Our size and specific expertises facilitate direct and permanent contact with our partner-managers to ensure the success of our assignments.



The energy transition calls for innovation in all its components. The MPrime brand, inextricably linked to new production, transformation, storage and energy distribution techniques, is a reference for identifying and qualifying innovative solutions.

In addition to its consulting business, MPrime is involved in developing sustainable and innovative technological solutions for both its customers and its own account.



Our success, our heritage, are measured by our clients’ satisfaction and by the quality of our consultants and engineers. Thus, we attach the highest importance to the compatibility and commitment of our teams for the success of projects entrusted to us or that we initiate.